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Kiểu: MCR-308FCC
Nhà sản xuất: Visonic - Israel
Nhà phân phối: Công ty Cổ phần Bình An
Mô tả

Cost-effective system upgrading from wired to wireless

Designed for security alarm and control applications

Easily integrated into virtually any alarm control panel

Supports up to 28 zones and 112 wireless devices

Full supervision to ensure continuous system integrity at all times

Provides low battery, tamper, inactivity and RF jamming output indications

Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards

Supports the complete variety of Visonic PowerCode and CodeSecure wireless devices

8-Output Wireless PowerCode Receiver

MCR-308 is a superheterodyne receiver designed to convert a standard hard-wired control panel into a reliable fully supervised wireless system. It provides a cost-effective opportunity to realize all the benefits of Visonic wireless systems and devices. MCR-308 is compatible with all Visonic PowerCode™ and CodeSecure™ devices – including hand-held and portable units, window/door transmitters and a variety of detectors and other devices.

The MCR-308 has 4 zones, each accommodating up to 4 transmitter devices. It is easily expanded using up to three MCX-8 zone expanders, for a total of 28 zones and 112 wireless devices in a single system. Dry contact outputs can be provided, using the RL-8 relay module that converts 8 open collector outputs to dry contact outputs. MCR-308 is designed for wireless alarm, emergency and arm/disarm applications as well as for remote control applications. It is easy to install and program utilizing a unique "Easy Learn" technique for transmitter enrolment. It provides all the features that professionals require, including four additional outputs for low battery reporting, tamper protection, RF signal jamming and transmitter inactivity indication. When used with CodeSecure devices, the MCR-308 implements a rolling code encryption algorithm to prevent "code grabbing" by potential intruders trying to defeat the security system. This highly reliable and versatile receiver is available in several optional frequencies in compliance with European, U.S. and other international standards, and is approved for use by local authorities in most countries.

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